ReefBugs Complete - Live Reef Food - Reef Brite

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Reef Brite - ReefBugs Complete - Live Reef Food 

ReefBugs Complete creates real live Marine infusoria - Microplankton, Nanoplankton, and Picoplankton for your marine reef aquarium in thirty minutes!

The ReefBugs are an all-natural live alternative to feeding corals and other filter feeders.

ReefBugs are natural, not frozen, not freeze-dried, not cooked,  with no preservatives.

ReefBugs Complete is a real reef or marine “snow” which is an aggregate of LIVING MICROBES clinging to organic, inorganic, volcanic, mineral, living or recently dead matter.

Provides a significant amount of reef nutrition for hard and soft corals, filter feeders, and the cryptic organisms that are in live rock. 

ReefBugs yields particles measuring less than one micron, up to macroscopic sizes.

True reef /marine snow is alive and repeatedly inoculates the reef with desirable edible organisms and those which are necessary for balancing the substrate and the creatures colonizing it. 

Not a plankton substitute; they are real live Microplankton.

Enhances reproduction in pods

ReefBugs range in size from one to ten microns.


Daytime use: Add a quarter teaspoon per 50 gallons directly to the aquarium in a high current area to evenly disperse three times a week. For maximum results add ReefBugs complete to a few ounces of aquarium water in a separate container and let sit for 20-30 minutes making sure to stir every ten minutes to ensure best hatch rate. One teaspoon or more a day can be used in an established reef tank

Nighttime use: Add ReefBugs Complete when your lights are off to enhance reproduction in pods and other cryptic organisms.

Size: 3oz / 85g