Caledonia Live Sand - ReeFlowers

ReeFlowers - Caledonia Live Sand

The Reeflowers Caledonia Live Sand is 100% natural sand and contains many minerals in sea water. Buffers water hardness, fixing the pH between 8.1 and 8.4.

Reeflowers Caledonia Live Sand accelerates the formation of nitrogen cycle thanks to the sea water it contains, and provides the necessary natural habitat for your living creatures to be healthy. It creates suitable habitats for nitrification and denitrification bacteria and helps to keep the water constantly clean.

Reeflowers Caledonia Live Sand is specially produced for use in aquariums. It has not undergone any chemical treatment, it contains no synthetic substances. It does not contain heavy metal and toxic substances. The grains of sand are not pointed, sharp and sharp, they do not harm fish and aquarium creatures.