Regal 170-E External Protein Skimmer - Reef Octopus

Dhs. 2,124.00

Reef Octopus - Regal 170-E External Protein Skimmer

The Regal 170-E External Protein Skimmer is an out-of –sump protein skimmer featuring high-quality cast acrylic body construction, easy disassembly for maintenance, a precision control gate valve and a hybrid conical body which helps to naturally stabilize and concentrate the organic rich foam as it rises. Water is recirculated within the skimmer for cleaner water output.

Regal 170-E is run by a controllable VarioS skimmer pump, which features is pinwheel impellers, a detachable controller, high-quality ceramic shaft, and bearing to reduce wear and tear, and the latest variable speed flow technology for refined control, enhanced performance, energy-efficiency, and safer operations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior out-of-sump performance
  • VarioS DC pump specifically made for protein skimmers
  • High quality hand-made solid cast acrylic construction
  • Controllable and avariable speed DC pump for energy-efficient and silent operations
  • Float switch monitor
  • Hybrid conical body for better foam fractionation
  • Over Size collection cup with drain
  • High volume air intake
  • Automatic drainage system
  • Easy Maintenance

Technical Data:


Skimmer Pump:

  • Model - VarioS 4-S
  • Wet/Dry - Both
  • Max Air Intake - 1200L/PH
  • Power - 40w
  • Maximum Flow Rate - 1200 LPH
  • Connection Size (Outlet) - 32mm