Adult German Shepherd Dog Food - Royal Canin

Royal Canin - Adult German Shepherd Dog Food

The Royal Canin Adult German Shepherd Dog Food is a complete feed with all the nutritional needs for adult and mature German Shepherds over 15 months old.

Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult contributes to supporting optimal digestive health.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Digestive performance
  • Healthy skin & coat
  • Bone & joint health

The highly digestible L.I.P. proteins and a selection of specific fibres that limit intestinal fermentation and simultaneously help to maintain a good balance of intestinal flora.

Helps to support the skin’s barrier role with a specific complex and also contains the omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA.

Help to nourish and support your dog’s healthy skin and coat.

Nutrients that support joint health can help maintain this breed’s high activity levels.

Enriched with specific nutrients to help support healthy bones and joints and to maintain a healthy weight.