Maxi Adult 5+ Dog Food - Royal Canin

Dhs. 341.90

Royal Canin - Maxi Adult 5+ Dog Food

The Royal Canin Maxi Adult 5+ Dog Food is a complete feed with the nutritional needs for mature large breed dogs aged over 5 years old with an adult weight ranging between 26 to 44 kg.

Royal Canin Maxi Adult 5+ contains a unique and balanced blend of very high-quality protein and dietary fibre to maintain a healthy weight and support optimal digestion.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Vitality support
  • Bone & joint support
  • Digestive tolerance

Help support large breed dogs by supporting its bones, ligaments, joints, and comfortably support its weight and maintain and active lifestyle.

Help neutralize free radicals and help your dog maintain vitality and healthy metabolism.

    Size: 15kg