Medium Adult Wet Dog Food Pouch - Royal Canin

Royal Canin - Medium Adult Wet Dog Food Pouch

The Royal Canin Medium Adult is complete and balanced nutrition with all the nutritional needs of your medium-sized adult dog.

Suitable for dogs aged between 12 months and 10 years old that weigh between 11-25 kg.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • High digestibility
  • Natural defenses
  • Omega 3 (EPA & DHA)

Royal Canin Medium Adult in Gravy supports optimal digestive health, as well as helping to maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora.

Helps to support and maintain your dog’s natural defenses.

Enriched with EPA and DHA – these Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin and coat condition.

Size: Box of 10x140g