Royale 400 Reef Sump - Eshopps

Dhs. 3,600.00

Eshopps - Royale 400 Reef Sump

Eshopps Royale Reef Sump is a versatile multi-purpose use design and incorporates everything an expert level Aquarist would need.

Dual 9.5” filter socks, large adjustable water height Protein Skimmer chamber, a comfortable return pump chamber, and a multi-use Refugium, ATO auto-top off, or frag tank chamber with float valve installed.


Dimensions 44x20x16"
Skimmer Compartment 19x16"
Return Compartment 19x6.5"
Tank Usage 300-450g
Filter Socks 2 x 9.5"
Total Water Volume 58
Max Sump Flow Rate 3000gph