Sanal Dog Combo Chicken & Rice

Dhs. 16.00

Sanal Dog Combo Chicken & Rice



Thinking of teaching your dog a new trick? Or just want to spoil your dog with a treat? Success will be assured with this delicious Sanal Combo Chicken & Rice dog snack! Your dog will wagging its tail and ask for more. And for variety there are more flavors are available: Chicken Filet, Chicken Sushi, Calcium Chicken Bones, Duck Filet, Chicken & Fish strips.

Feeding Instructions: 1 piece for a small dog, 1-2 pieces for a medium dog and 2-3 pieces for a large dog daily as a reward.

Not suitable for dogs under 9 months old.

- Delicious chicken and rice snack
- 100% natural
- Grain free
- Low fat
- Supplementary food for adult dogs
- 80 grams
- In handy resealable packaging

Analytical constituents:
- 25% crude protein
- 4.5% crude fat
- 4% crude ash
- 0.2% crude fibers
- 18% moisture