SeaGel - Seachem

Dhs. 148.10

Seachem - SeaGel (1000ml)

The Seachem SeaGel is optimized for aquaria where organic color body and acid removal is required without the introduction of phosphate.

  • Removes phosphate, silicate, organics, metals, acids, and more
  • 50/50 blend of MatrixCarbon and PhosGuard
  • More convenient than two separate bags of media


  • Use 500 mL for each 300–450 L (80–120 gallons*).
  • Use in a filter bag.
  • Rinse in fresh water before use.
  • Use caution, since the product will fizz and heat on initial wetting.
  • SeaGel will function for 3–4 months. 

SeaGel may also be used in freshwater that is not phosphate-buffered.

Ideal for Reef and Plant Aquaria