SPS Coral Food (Micro) - Vitalis

Vitalis - SPS Coral Food (Micro) 

Vitalis SPS Coral Food is designed to mimic suspended particulate matter which corals trap in their polyps. 

SPS Coral Food may improve the coral photosynthesis rate, increasing Zooxanthellae numbers within the coral. These convert the energy from sunlight into chemical energy required for growth.

Features And Benefits:

  • Stimulate a natural feeding response
  • Unique micronized flake formula food for all small polyp stony corals - particles ranging approximately from 100-400µm
  • Less waste – improved water quality
  • Natural, sustainably sourced ingredients

Feeding Instructions

It is recommended that you turn off any sump pump/filter pump for 10 - 20 minutes while you feed, leaving the circulation pumps on to keep the food in suspension. If you cannot turn off the main pump still use the above delivery system but add the food upstream of your corals and allow it to circulate.

Mix the SPS coral food with a small amount of tank water and target each coral using a coral feeder tube or kitchen baster. If you do not have a feeder tube, place a pinch directly under the water in an area of fast flow.

  • Depending on population density, feed daily or every other day
  • Use one scoop of SPS coral food for every 50 L of water. For heavily stocked aquariums use two scoops for every 50 L.
  • Ensure the coral is positioned with sufficient flow to allow waste food particles to be removed
  • Do not put wet fingers in the pot
  • Store in a cool dry place