TRITON Reagents - Bromine (Br)

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TRITON Reagents - Bromine (Br) 

TRITON Reagents Bromine for use in seawater aquariums with a proven bromine requirement.

Bromine is a macro element and is contained in natural seawater at around 62mg/l.

Dosing of TRITON bromine has a positive effect on the health and colors of LPS and SPS corals .

Caution:  Bromine should be dosed with care, as an overdose can be very dangerous for the animals. 

In conjunction with the TRITON LAB ICP test, targeted adjustments can be made to individual items to avoid water changes.

You can find information about your bromine dosage under the "Dosage" tab of your ICP analysis.

The TRITON range of macro and trace elements is based on more than a decade of scientific research into the chemistry of natural seawater and closed systems.

  • Test - Just sign up on and create your own aquarium profile. After purchasing a test kit, register the barcode number to your tanks profile, fill the sample tube, and send it in. 
  • Review - After the test is complete log-in to your tanks profile and review the concentrations compared to Triton's recommended set points.
  • Fix - Any issues in the report will be Red indicating a problem. By clicking on the Help and Dose tabs, they will advise how to correct the problem along with the solution and volume needed to be dosed.

Available sizes: 

  • Bromine (Br) x10 Concentrate 100ml 
  • Bromine (Br) 1000ml