Triton - CO3 Alkalinity Increaser - 1000ml

Dhs. 143.00

Alkalinity Increaser. Can be combined with other methods and products. Volume: 1000 ml.

RITON Treatments have been developed to fix specific problems commonly faced by aquarists. Unlike many products on the market TRITON Treatments are quality controlled and free from contamination by unwanted / unknown elements. 


  •  CO3 Alkalinity is a buffer used to increase alkalinity
  •  Suitable for 2-Part, 3-Part or other D.I.Y. supplement methods
  •  Used by reefkeepers and professional aquarists.


  •  Test KH accuracy prior to dosage
  •  Dosage = 100 ml grams per 100 liters (26 gallons) increases Alkalinity by 3° dKH
  •  Test KH daily after dosing to make proper adjustments


  •  1 x 1000 ml of CO3 Alkalinity Increaser