DETOX - Metal Remover Seawater Treatment - Triton

Dhs. 143.00

Triton - DETOX - Metal Remover Seawater Treatment (100ml) 

TRITON Detox treatment for removal of excess heavy metals from an aquarium (e.g. Copper and Lead), while causing no damage to inhabitants within the aquarium.

TRITON Treatments are quality controlled and free from contamination by unwanted/unknown elements.


  • Remove any activated carbon sources from your aquarium.
  • Add up to 3mL per 100L of water volume and let the system run for 72 hours.
  • A brown discoloration of the aquarium water is normal and is harmless.
  • Replace the activated carbon that was removed with fresh carbon.
  • The new carbon will remove the brown discoloration along with the heavy metals that are bound to it. 

It is highly recommended to utilize Triton ICP-OES testing for dosage requirements.