Tropic Marin - Compact Lab Saltwater Test - pH, KH, PO4, NO2, NO3, NH4

Tropic Marin Compact Lab test kit includes the most important tests for a rapid and precise determination of water values. The pH value, the hardness of the carbonates, the concentration of phosphate, the percentage of nitrites and nitrates as well as the concentration of ammonia in the water influence the well-being of fish and invertebrates in marine aquariums. All these values ​​can be checked with this test kit. 

  • Tropic Marin Compact Lab For determining the vital water values ​​in saltwater aquariums
  • contains the most important tests for quick and precise determination of water values.
  • The insert for the reagent bottles is color-coded and can also be used for clear storage outside the box.
For quick and safe implementation, each instruction for use of the individual parameters also includes an illustrated brief instruction.