Syn-Biotic Sea Salt - Tropic Marin

Tropic Marin - Syn-Biotic Sea Salt

The Tropic Marin Syn-Biotic Sea Salt is pharmaceutically pure sea salt with probiotic bacteria and prebiotic bacteria food.

Tropic Marin Syn-Biotic Sea Salt contains probiotic bacteria for fish and shrimp and special prebiotic bacteria food to promote probiotic bacterial growth and to create low-nutrient conditions in the aquarium for LPS and SPS corals. 


  • Ideal when setting up a new tank
  • It has been proven that probiotic bacteria improve the health and well-being of fish and crustaceans and assist them in overcoming stressful situations and illness
  • Prebiotic additives promote the integration of nitrates and phosphates in bacterial mass for low-nutrient conditions and the vivid colours of LPS and SPS corals
  • Contains additional nitrifying and de-nitrifying bacteria to support the nitrogen cycle
  • To maintain the alkalinity in a 8-9 °dH range.
  • Ideal for a new tank installation, a new stocking process and for every livestock increase
  • Suitable for permanent use – for a stable microbiology within the aquarium
  • Dissolves in water quickly and completely
  • Produced with pharmaceutically pure salts, without any nitrate or phosphate additives or other unnatural enrichments
  • Universally applicable – suitable for keeping and breeding fish, corals and other invertebrates, as well as seaweed