Tropical Shrimp Cuisine Fish Food - Hikari

Dhs. 25.00

Hikari - Tropical Shrimp Cuisine Fish Food

The Hikari Tropical Shrimp Cuisine has a selected special ingredient and a diet for all types of freshwater ornamental shrimps especially Caridina or Neocaridina species.


  • Contains vegetable matter herbivorous shrimp prefer, especially seaweed and spirulina.
  • The carefully selected ingredient mix with added vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients offers those fundamental to proper ecdysis (shedding). Contains copper which is important for blood regeneration.
  • Smallest disc type pellet which is small enough for shrimp of all ages.
  • Offers rapid assimilation, accelerated growth and proper form without clouding or negatively impacting your pet's environment.

Size: 10g