Ultra Phos - Aluminium Based Adsorber - Fauna Marin

Dhs. 218.09

Fauna Marin - Ultra Phos - Aluminium Based Adsorber (2000ml)

Ultra-Phos is a new aluminium based adsorber which safely removes phosphates and humic substances from the aquarium. 

The pollutants are bound to the surface of Ultra Phos and will not be released again.

The unwanted Algae growth will be stopped and corals will show their natural colours and can maintain very low nutrient concentrations in your tank and the

Instructions and Dosing recommendation:

Please do all changes in the aquarium carefully and slowly.

  • Start with 50 gr per 200 L / 50 gal. of water.
  • After 14 days the dose can be increased up to 100 gr per 200 L / 50 gal. of water, do NOT overdose!
  • Check phosphate concentration regularly with reliable test kits, e.g. with the FaunaMarin PO4-Test.

In case the PO4 level starts to increase again, exchange Ultra-Phos for fresh material.

Do not use more than 100 g (3.5 oz) per 200 L (50 gal).

We recommend to place the material in a filter chamber with high flow, only there it will provide its maximum performance.

In case of extremely low PO4 levels and non-detectable Nitrate levels Ultra-Phos should not be used.

Ultra-Phos is extremely strong and suitable for tanks with a high nutrient load and also removes unwanted organic compounds and yellowness.

In tanks with high organic load (yellowish water) it may take a little while before the PO4 reduction becomes measurable. This is a normal process, you will notice the color change of the Ultra-Phos from white to yellow and the much clearer water in the aquarium.

For slower adsorption rinse the filled filter bag with osmotic water before use.

To obtain the best results and maximize adsorption efficiency, place the material between two layers of filter wool, or use a fluidized-bed-reactor.

In case you use the material in a fluidized bed reactor, please consider the much higher efficiency of the material.

Reduce the amount of Ultra-Phos by 50 % and carefully control the flow through the filter.

Ultra-Phos will become warm when first immersed in water. Do not rinse the material.


Keep away from children.
Not to be used for animals used for food production.
Do not inhale, do not swallow.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.