Frag 85.3 Aquarium (900 x 600 x 1310 mm) - WaterBox

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WaterBox - Frag 85.3 Aquarium

The WaterBox Frag 85.3 Aquarium system provides advanced hobbyists a way create the ultimate shallow reef aquarium. 


  • Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass
  • Ready to Assemble Plumbing
  • All Glass Sump System
  • Includes Filter Socks and Sock Silencers
  • UV Coated Plywood Cabinet
  • +Plus HD Edition Includes AI Hydra 32HD Lighting & HMS
 Technical Specifications
MODEL FRAG 55.2 FRAG 85.3 FRAG 105.4
Main Features
Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass
Glass Thickness 10mm 10mm 10mm
Rimless Design
Full Black Glass Overflow
Full UPVC Plumbing NFS Certified
Heavy Duty UV Coated Cabinetry
ATO Reservoir
System Volumes
Total System Volume 57.5 Gal (218L) 61.1 Gal (231L) 103Gal (390L)
Display Water Volume 35.5 (135L) 53.9 Gal (204L) 72.3Gal (274L)
Sump Water Volume 22 Gal (83L) 30.6 Gal (16L) 30.6 Gal (16L)
ATO Reservoir Volume
Display Tank Dimensions
Tank Length 24″ (600mm) 36″ (900mm) 48″ (1200mm)
Tank Width 24″ (600mm) 24″ (600mm) 24″ (600mm)
Tank Height 16″ (410mm) 16″ (410mm) 16″ (410mm)
Total Height with Cabinet 52″ (1310mm) 52″ (1310mm) 52″ (1310mm)
Sump Dimensions
Sump Length 21″ (520mm) 28″ (720mm) 28″ (720mm)
Sump Width 18″ (450mm) 18″ (450mm) 18″ (450mm)
Sump Height 15″ (380mm) 15″ (380mm) 15″ (380mm)
Sump Glass Thickness 1/4″ (6mm) 1/4″ (6mm) 1/4″ (6mm)
Water Height in Sump 6″ (150mm) 6″ (150mm) 6″ (150mm)
Skimmer Chamber
Pump Chamber
Plumbing Sizes
Main Drain DN25 DN25 DN25
Emergency Overflow DN25 DN25 DN25
Pump Return DN20 DN20 DN20
Nozzles DN15 x 2 DN15 x 2 DN15 x 2
Special Features
Dual 4″ Filter Sock Chamber (PP+NMO) 4″ (105mm) × 2 4″ (105mm) × 2 4″ (105mm) × 2
Gate Valve Overflow Adjustment
Emergency Overflow Protection
UV Coated Cabinet
Cabinet includes Leveling Hardware
Ready to Install Plumbing Kit
+Plus HD Edition Includes 1xAI HYDRA 32 HD 2xAI HYDRA 32 HD 2xAI HYDRA 32 HD
Measurements are rounded to the nearest inch or gallon. For exact measurements use MM or L.