Terra 4820 Aquarium (48" x 20" x 20″)- WaterBox

Dhs. 5,999.00

WaterBox - Terra 4820 Aquarium

The WaterBox Terra 4820 Aquarium enables you to design a range of environments that support planted aquaria, hardscapes, and unique habitats.

Waterbox combines Starphire Ultra-Clear? Glass Technology with clear straight edge silicone to create the most visually exciting aquatic freshwater environment on the planet.

Licensed Starphire Ultra-Clear glass provides exceptional depth, detail, and clarity to your freshwater aquascaped, hardscaped or fish-only aquariums.

As its thickness increases, Starphire Ultra-Clear glass gains a distinctive azure-blue edge, while the transparency of the glass remains ultra-clear, in which the green hue becomes more pronounced. Starphire glass stays clear even at thicknesses of up to 34 inch.

The lush ever-changing environment of plants can host invertebrates and livestock and the use of live plants provides increased oxygen for livestock.

Driftwood and rock provide a dramatic background to enhance the coloration and beauty of the livestock.

The use of silk and plastic plants provide easy maintenance while aesthetically realistic.

Leveling Feet
Each Clear cabinet comes with leveling feet to ensure your aquarium is perfectly supported and stable.

Recessed Hardware for Push Open Doors
Each Waterbox cabinet includes recessed hardware to keep a minimalist design.

Soft Close PVC Coated Hinges
Provide smooth operation of the door panels. This process ensures that the livestock is not stressed by an accidental door slamming.

Removable Waterbox Badge
The unique Waterbox badge can be placed at any location on the aquarium furniture. We prefer the upper left side of the front panel.

Oak or Beige Finish
Great color choice for multiple decors and surroundings.


  • Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass Technology
  • Straight Edge Silicon Seams
  • Unmatched Clarity and Perfection
  • Tank - 48x20x20″
  • 72 Gallons
  • Optional Cabinet in Oak or Beige