FritzZyme Monster 460 - Saltwater Biological Aquarium Cleaner - Fritz

Dhs. 100.00

Fritz - FritzZyme Monster 460 - Saltwater Biological Aquarium Cleaner

FritzZyme MONSTER 460 is a powerful, concentrated probiotic blend of naturally occurring, environmentally friendly, live saltwater specific heterotrophic bacteria capable of digesting organic sludge common in aquariums.

  • Super concentrated biological aquarium cleaner
  • Promotes a Clean, Clear & Healthy Aquarium
  • Reduces & Simplifies Maintenance
  • Bacteria Rapidly Digests Waste
  • Eliminates Foul Odors & Improves Clarity
  • 16 oz ( 473 ml) treats 4,730 gallons ( 17,905 litres ) of aquarium water

FritzZyme MONSTER 460 has been specially formulated to handle the organic waste produced by MONSTER fish including Puffers, Sharks, Rays, Grouper, Eels, Lionfish, Angelfish, etc.; as well as heavily stocked tanks.

Sludge includes fish waste, leftover food and other decaying organic matter. Using FritzZyme MONSTER 460 as part of a regular maintenance program will greatly reduce aquarium care including gravel vacuuming, water changes as well as prolonging filter media life.

The bacteria in FritzZyme MONSTER 460 is safe, non-toxic and non-pathogenic.