FritzZyme - Turbo Start 900 Saltwater

Dhs. 160.00

FritzZyme -  Turbo Start 900 Saltwater

  • The original live nitrifying bacteria
  • Rapidly eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrite
  • Allows safe immediate introduction of livestock
  • Prevents new tank syndrome
  • Establishes and maintains a healthy biofilter
  • Prevents fish loss - FritzZyme® saves lives!
  • A safe, natural approach to water treatment

FritzZyme TurboStart 900 contains the same proven strains of effective, live nitrifying bacteria as FritzZyme 9, but at 15 times the concentration. FritzZyme TurboStart 900 reduces fish loss due to toxic levels of ammonia and nitrite.

Establishing colonies of nitrifying bacteria the without FritzZyme can take weeks; FritzZyme TurboStart 900 completely cycles aquariums in five days or less, allowing for safe, immediate addition of livestock.

FritzZyme TurboStart 900 may be added to new tanks or established systems any time the biofilter needs fortification including: after water changes, aggressive cleaning, adding new livestock, medicating or changing filter media.

Directions & Dosage
  • Chlorine and chloramines are lethal to FritzZyme TurboStart bacteria and must be completely removed before addition.
  • Turn off UV sterilizers and protein skimmers before use and for 5 days after each introduction of FritzZyme TurboStart 900.
  • Shake bottle, add 1 oz. (29 ml) TurboStart per 25 gallons (95 L) of water.
  • Add animals after acclimating. Do not overcrowd tank. Do not overfeed.