Phosphate Remover AL99 - Triton

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Triton - Phosphate Remover AL99

Triton Phosphate Remover AL99 is a high purity, pelletized aluminum-based for removing phosphate and also removes barium and silicate.

It is suggested that a standard media reactor is used with AL99 with very low flow through the reactor. That allows for long contact time with the media that will bond with certain types of elements that you do not want in your reef tank.

Triton AL99 PO4 Remover keeps a stable phosphate level in your reef tank. 

How To Use:

  • Rinse AL99 prior to use with RODI water until the "fizzing" reaction stops.
  • AL99 should be used in a reactor capable off low adjustment to prevent tumbling of the media.
  • 50ml of AL99 per 100Lof aquarium water, however in cases of high PO4 levels this can be increased to 100ml AL99 per 100L aquarium water.
  • Change media every 4 weeks or more regularly if elevating PO4 levels are observed.

Notes for Usage:

  • AL99 should be rinsed thoroughly with RODI prior to use to prevent elevating AL levels in your system water.
  • AL99 when used in a reactor must NOT be tumbled.